I just wanted to let you both know that the Morkie I bought (we named her Meeka) is doing great! We are so happy with our purchase. She has such a fun personality! Thank you again. I have given your name to a couple people. I know others would be just as happy with a puppy from you! Thanks again for working with me! -Kati(Slayton) 

We purchased two schnauzer puppies from you, and have been very happy with them. We have one, and our neighbor, who lives across our back yard has her sister. We have Liddy, and the neighbor has Lilly. They play with each other every day, and have been a joy to us. They are very smart, and healthy. Lilly looks like her mother-Sydney Joy, and our Liddy looks like her father-Party Man. They have been very easy to train, and we would recommend your program to anyone.  

I just wanted to tell you thank you so much for breeding the most personable and all around great dogs. Two years ago I walked into Mini Critters in Sioux Falls, SD and fell in love with the most adorable miniature schnauzer I have ever seen and could not leave without him. Wrigley is now almost 3 years old and I may be biased, but he is perfedct in every way. I cannot even begin to explain how sweet and smart he is.... not to mention easy to train and doesn't bark (rare for the schauzer breed I'm told). Since becoming part of the family, he has been a busy boy- he enjoys hiking with "mom" and has even become a volunteer dog at Childrens Care Hospital. He loves riding around in the laps of kids in wheelchairs! Everyone who meets Wrigley falls in love with his tender personality just as I have, and there is one thing I know for certain.... everyone should get a puppy from Mennings because if they are half the dog Wrigley has turned out to be, it will be the best dog you've ever had. Thanks again! Jessie 

I purchased a lil female min pin 4/9/11 from minicritters in Sioux Falls. She is the 3rd min pin i have owned and the best one yet as far as temperment in concerned. She is very well socialized and is great with our kids, 9, 9, 8, and 7months. Also, i have received many compliments, especially from my vet, on how well of a job were done on her ears. Thanks for breeding quality into your dogs. Am planning on purchasing another one next year and will definitely be from your lineage. Thanks again - Karmen 

My wife and I bought a little pug pup here in Sioux Falls, SD at Mini Critters, and he has been a joy! I'm 42 years old and this is my first dog. I got Ollie because my brother has a pug, and we fell in love with her. Everyone said to get a female, but Ollie won us over at the pet store at Mini Critters. We are giving him a loving home, and he's now part of the family. Thanks! ~Matt and Susan, Sioux Falls, SD 

I bought a Doxie from Mini Critters in February. I am absolutely in love with her. She came from your kennel. The vet from Edgerton, when he found out that she was from Mini Critters, said that he had no doubt about the health and well-being of this puppy. Just wanted to let you know that she is in good hands. Kim from Adrian, Mn. Thanks again. 

Cocker Spaniels-We have adopted 2 Blue Roan Cocker Spaniels from you all from 2 different litters and we just love them!!!  I would like to send a picture.  Sadie Lee was born 2009 and Cabela Rose 2010.

Female pug born on September 25, 2010-Thank you for taking my call last week to provide information on spaying our pug puppy - born in your facility last September. This was first rate customer service. Our compliments on a truly exceptional animal, who is lively, has a superior disposition, is easily trained, and healthy in every respect.  She has integrated really well with our two adult male pugs. Our veterinarian, with nearly 40 years of experience, studied the pug's "Certificate of Pedigree" very closely, and advised that she was most impressed with the pug's lineage. The pug passed our veterinarian's comprehensive examination with flying colours.

This is honestly an amazing place that breeds happy/healthy dogs and they do a very good job. I personally own 3 dogs from Ron and I would strongly recommend buying from him again.

We got a puppy in January that came with "Ron Menning" of Edgerton, MN listed as the breeder. I have to say, she is a WONDERFUL puppy. We got a Beagle last August. When we saw this puppy, a puggle, it was instant love-at-first-sight. She has so many of the same mannerisms and characteristics as our beagle (who came from Iowa.) We had NO plans of having two puppies, especially both under 1-year old, but we are VERY glad we did it. "Carlii" is a very cuddly, kiss-happy, friendly, puppy. She likes people, but occasionally tries to act tough when somebody rings the doorbell. It's SO cute with her little bark. We are very pleased with Carlii - she's a gem! Thank you!!

I bought a puppy who I believe was born at Mennings facility and I would love to be in contact with them. This puppy is the most amazing little guy we have ever had. I have only had cats for 40 years (still have 3)and never really been interested in having a dog....the minute we met him we loved him. He is a rat/pug and as I said the most amazing puppy ever. Just to let the Mennings know, his new name is TONY (after our favorite Nascar driver) and has a lot of family who adore and spoil him. We got him last Saturday (8th of March)and I can say today he is almost potty trained to go outside. I would love to see pictures of when he was a baby and/or his parents. I am a scrapbooker and have already bought a baby book for Tony and take lots of pictures of him.It would be important to me if I was a breeder to know a puppy will be taken good care of and loved, well Tony will be given all the best things in life and treated like the king of this family.

We adopted a chocolate/tan minature dachshund from PetLand - she came from Mennings. Her parents are Dexter and Red Rose. I have had 5 doxies in my family - and she is the smartest and sweetest of them all. We often wonder how her 'brothers' personality are - because Lucy is an amazing dog and we were so blessed to have found her!

Just wanted to let you know that we bought a puppy from Mini Critters in Sioux Falls SD I believe in March. My husband and Daughter had stopped in there the day before she arrived and asked if they were getting any Westies in. They said 1 the next day. They put some money down to hold her there. The next day my daughters met me there after I got of work.And she had arrived. It was love at first sight. We took her home had the name Gracie Allen picked out for her before we seen her.She has been the sweetest little thing ever. Of course she is all Puppy right now with more energy then ever. We have a very passive Basset Hound that is 10 years old and her an Gracie get along so well.Gracie can do just about anything and Lady just excepts it. A cute story about Gracie today. My husband was out trimming the grass along the dog yard and Gracie was outside in it. Well she thought fresh cut grass was the best that she decided to roll all over in it. My husband brought her into me and said that instead of a west highland terrier we had a Irish Terrier that needed a bath. So into the sink she went. But not very willingly. Gracie is a picture of health and my son had some of his Senior pictures taken with her.She is a photogenic little dog. She is very special to us and is very spoiled. We love her dearly.

About 11 years ago we bought a shihtzpoo from a pet shop in Coon Rapids, MN that was from your kennel. She was the best dog we ever had. She got sick about 6 weeks ago and we had to put her to sleep. So we are interested in finding out if you still breed shihtz-poo dogs and if you do when you expect to have new puppys. We would want a female and preferably not white.